Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy complements western medicine and empowers the individual towards health and well-being through the application of the philosophy and practices of yoga.


As a yoga therapist I don’t see you as your diagnosis or set of symptoms.
I see you as the unique individual that you are. 


Yoga therapy is not a one size fits all approach.


I work to understand you and how your diagnosis or set of symptoms
is impacting your state of mind. We work together to uncover
the causes for your diagnosis or symptoms.
Is it work stress, relationship stress, lifestyle choices, poor food habits, etc.?


One of the goals of yoga therapy is to help you create a calm,
clear, focused and quiet mind. It is from this new state of mind that you
will begin to perceive your reality differently, make better choices,

and begin the healing process. 


I will design an individual program using some or all of the tools of yoga;
asana (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing techniques),
and meditation (mindfulness techniques).


A yoga therapy session is normally 60 min.
I provide details of our session so that you can practice between sessions.
At the end of our work together you will have
a daily yoga therapy practice to continue your healing process.

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