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Yoga asana is to be experienced as a felt sensation.

Balance is described as an equal distribution of presence and effort (equanimity) throughout the body. In our yoga poses we are constantly put into positions where we are off balance. As we breathe and remain centered and calm we are coordinating what's inside (space inside our body) with what's outside (space outside our body).


 Inner awareness travels from the body to the mind. In each yoga pose we are training the mind to learn to hear a level of effortless experience. The muscles are active but in such a way that we feel openness, expansion, and flow of prana rather than constriction. References given by your teacher should help you develop your inner awareness.

Grounding begins from feeling the center of your body while seated, standing, or lying on your mat. You must ground well in order to lift up and expand out with less effort. The sensation of grounding is a core nourishment you want to get to in order to relax.

Expansion is movement felt from the inside out. Expansion must be balanced with grounding to rewire your nervous system. Taking muscular effort out of the pose allows for effortless expansion. Yoga poses function from the center of the spine outward. So supporting the spine helps create the sensation of expansion.

Rhythm is a joyous and calming sensation. It just makes us feel good. In our yoga poses we are feeling rhythm from the spine out to the limbs. It becomes this sensual connection to what's outside of you. It can be tiny rhythmic movements in your fingers or bigger rhythmic movements that involve your core and spine.

Prana - In yoga poses we are trying to feel this prana (life force) from the spine out to the limbs. The breath is linked to the prana in the spine. On an inhale you feel the life force expand out to the limbs. On exhale you keep the line of lift from the inhale to enhance the flow of prana from inside out and around. 

I teach my students how to develop the following...

Online Classes

Mon & Wed 8:00am Yoga using a chair and other props--appropriate for beginners, those recovering from injuries and health challenges (you must be able to get up and down off the floor).

Tues & Thur 9:00am Yoga - appropriate for those who have some yoga experience.

Fri 8:00am Yoga for Strength & Stability - appropriate for beginners (light free weights and stretch bands will be used for this class). 

Sat 9:00am Yoga with pranayama and meditation - 8 to 10 min breathing techniques,  40 min asana, 5 to 10 min mudra & meditation. All are welcome. Do what you can and modify as you need to.

Suggested props for class:

yoga mat, stable chair, yoga blocks or paper towel rolls, yoga strap or belt, blankets, pillow or yoga bolster.

All classes are $10.00 or you can purchase a 10-pack of classes for $80.00

You can pay by cash, check, or credit card. See link below for credit card purchases. If paying by check mail payment to PurBalance Yoga Therapy

904 5th St E, Northfield, MN 55057


MON 8:00am Yoga with chair and props.

TUE 9:00am Yoga

WED 8:00am Yoga with chair and props.

THURS 9:00am Yoga

FRI 8:00am  Yoga for Strength & Stability

SAT 9:00am Yoga with pranayama and meditation.

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