Are you looking for help to manage stress, anxiety or chronic illness?

Are you recovering from injury and need more help after physical therapy?


Do you just want to feel and move better?

I can help. I've been where you are.

I have helped hundreds of clients and students.


At the age of 23 I became paralyzed on my left side. I later learned after much testing and many doctors that I had multiple sclerosis. Instead of seeing the diagnosis as a wheelchair sentence, I chose to focus on what I could do to become as healthy as possible. From everything I read it was clear that I had to pay attention to what I ate and begin to make exercise a daily habit. I consciously made the decision to eat only whole foods and nothing processed. This meant vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, with fish and meat three to four times a week.  I also began to learn about supplements and the difference in quality from what was in the grocery stores, drug stores and health food stores. I found a brand of supplements that I still use today and recommend to my clients. These supplements took my health to the next level. I began to feel so much better that I started running daily and I went back to school. 

I thought I had it all figured out. I knew how to build health and stay healthy. But the one thing I wasn’t managing well was stress. I was in a stressful career in computers. It had been a number of years of long projects and long hours that took its toll. I wasn’t listening – I was ignoring and pushing myself to perform and excel. Finally, my body gave out when menopause hit. I wasn’t physically prepared. I started feeling sad and discontented. This was unlike me so I paid attention and began to take better care of myself. I rested more, changed my supplements, paid closer attention to what I was eating and made sure I continued to exercise. I started to feel a bit better but then lots of other life changes happened all in one year. Our son graduated, got married and moved away so I felt the loss of no longer being needed as a mother in the same way. Then my husband nearly died of a heart attack and I had to leave my stressful career. I dropped into a deep depression and anxiety for a year.

During this time yoga kept coming to mind. It didn’t make sense because I was so ill, but I had faith and trusted the calling. A year later I became a Yoga teacher, then a Yoga therapist and finally the next year a health coach.  I know now that I am where I was meant to be all along. The journey I had been on equipped me with the skills, experience and knowledge to guide others on their own journeys to health and healing.

What's different about the way I teach and work with clients?

I practice and teach SLOW MINDFUL YOGA because it cultivates greater awareness. I ask questions to help foster this awareness...

  • As you stand where is your weight in the front of your foot or your heel?

  • Where do you feel movement in your body as you breathe?


My questioning helps students and clients focus inward and feel what is happening in their own body.

What I focus on when working with my health coaching clients…

There are certain foundations we need for good health. We all need a certain amount of protein, vitamins, minerals, and water every day. We start with a nutrition assessment so that we can first address any nutrient deficiencies.


Next we move on to a 7 day cleanse eating only fruits and vegetables. This creates the foundation from which we create a personalized nutrition plan for their body. This cleanse also begins to change taste buds and reduce cravings for sweets and processed foods.

  • International Association of Yoga Therapists - C-IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist

  • Yoga Alliance - E-RYT 500, YACEP

  • International Association of Health Coaches - CIHC Certified International Health Coach

  • 200 hour yoga alliance certified training - YogAsylum Brookfield, WI - Feb 2013

  • 500 hour professional yoga therapist training - Integrative Yoga Therapy at Kripalu Stockbridge, MA - Sept 2013

  • 800 hour professional yoga therapist training - Integrative Yoga Therapy - Feb 2014 to Feb 2016

  • 1,000 hour yoga therapy internship

  • 50 hour therapeutic adaptive yoga for multiple sclerosis training - Yoga Heals Us, LLC Austin, TX - May 2013

  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition - New York, NY - May 2013 to May 2014

  • Reiki Master

  • UW Milwaukee BA in Business