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Help your body return to balance.

Learn what to eat to balance your gut microbes, to balance your hormones, to have a healthy immune system and to generate energy at the cellular level.

You probably know that eating real food rather than packaged processed food is better for you.


But what kinds of real food; vegetables, fruits, whole grains, meat, fish, nuts/seeds, healthy fats, etc. will help YOU feel energized, healthy, and happy?


A health coach is trained to help you understand what your body wants and what is doesn't want.


We are all unique and our bodies are constantly trying to regain balance sometimes despite what we do to them.


My philosophy is to help you learn how to tap into your body's wisdom through listening to how it responds to different inputs: food, movement, breathing, meditation, play, nature, etc.

It is through this listening process that daily mindful choices are made and new lifestyle habits are formed.


“The body is like a living book. It should be read every day.”

~~Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine Principle

As a health coach with over 10 years of experience I have learned to ask powerful questions that help you to uncover and create a motivating WHY (what is important to you -- what are your values)? 

This is what will keep you on track.

Nutrition science is constantly changing. It is my job as a health coach to stay up to date and I do because I love learning. I will be your nutrition science researcher that will help you design a new way of eating.

What makes me unique is my background as a yoga therapist. I bring this into my nutrition work with clients. I may suggest breathing techniques and meditation for stress relief, hormonal balance, and better sleep. A personalized yoga practice may also be a tool I bring in if it makes sense for a client. 

I offer a vaiety of ways to work together online or in person. 

It all starts with a free 30-minute consultation.

I'm ready...

I'm ready...

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