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Heal your gut. Heal your life

When unhealthy bacterial species overgrow into the small intestines it inflames our intestinal wall blunting our ability to absorb nutrients from our food. So even though you may be eating healthy food you're not feeling healthy. This is know as SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth).

SIBO is common today and it may be the underlying cause of fibromyalgia, IBS, food intolerance, allergies, skin rashes, constipation, insomnia, social isolation, feelings of anxiety, and depression.

This is where I start with clients because it alleviates most symptoms quickly and creates a healthy foundation to build from.


“The body is like a living book. It should be read every day.”

~~Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine Principle

Want to work together?

Nutrition science is constantly changing. It is my job as a health coach to stay up to date and I do because I love learning. I will be your nutrition science researcher that will help you design a new way of eating.

What makes me unique is my background as a yoga therapist. I bring this into my nutrition work with clients. I may suggest breathing techniques and meditation for stress relief, hormonal balance, and better sleep. A personalized yoga practice may also be a tool I bring in if it makes sense for a client. 

I offer a vaiety of ways to work together online or in person. 

It all starts with a free 30-minute consultation.

I'm ready...

I'm ready...

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