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Healing through yoga is an inner journey.

One that transforms how we view our illness from an obstacle to an opportunity for growth.


As you move forward one step the next step is revealed, opening you up to new unforeseen possibilities. Suddenly you may find that your relationship with your illness has changed. You no longer associate your illness  with suffering.

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"Suffering is the path to self-discovery."

~~Swarawathi Vasudevan, C-IAYT

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As an ultra runner, my body and diet take a beating during my training season. I sought Janet's help to reset my nutrition and muscle balance during my early season. She was able to help get me back on track by getting me back in the kitchen and being mindful of what I was consuming. As a result, I was able to drop 10 pounds. I also struggle with lower back pain and flexibility issues. Janet worked with me on a joint routine and basic yoga movements to help me with core strength, flexibility and range of motion. These routines have now become a part of my daily routine which not only help my running but also helps my focus at work.


After having minor back surgery a chiropractor referred me to Janet. I needed to strengthen my core but I knew I wouldn’t fit in a group class at that point. Janet specialized my yoga program to what I needed. She is caring and listens to what I need. I enjoy my time with her and will continue to see her as needed in the future.


I love working with Janet. I have learned so much; yoga, breath work, mudras and creating a new relationship with food that emphasizes listening to my body. It has been a wonderful journey. I am grateful for her compassionate, encouraging, and individualized approach.


Due to an illness, I became physically immobile for close to 6 months. Working with Janet has helped me regain my mobility and improve my state of mind.


Having almost accepted the chronic pain in my knees, hips, and back as “normal” and to be expected as I age, I feel grateful to have had Janet’s guidance over the past year to help me address those issues. Janet’s expert knowledge of how the body moves and works together is unparalleled. She quickly and correctly diagnosed problems with my posture and walking gait, and patiently explained how I could focus on these imbalances. One year later, and I am now able to walk without discomfort and pain. And perhaps more importantly, I feel I now have the knowledge to help myself when facing a recurring ache or a new challenge.


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