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Change your cells.

Transform your body.

Renew your life.

using yoga and nutrition ...

How healthy are your cells?

Our bodies are composed of 30 to 40 trillion cells. These cells make up our body systems: circulatory, immune, nervous, endocrine, respiratory, etc. If your cells function poorly your tissues and organs will become compromised. Your health will deteriorate. Healthy cells make healthy bodies.

Healthy Cells Make Healthy Bodies.  Sounds simple...

So why does getting healthier feel so complicated?

Building Health...

At the age of 23 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. When my health felt like it was slipping away, I looked to conventional medicine for answers and guidance, but all they offered was temporary relief of symptoms with medications. So I had to look for my own answers. The first decision I made was to focus on building health rather than fighting my disease. This gave me hope and inspired me to dig into understanding  what building health really meant. My investigation led me to the realization that all health begins at the cellular level. With this new awareness I began to see the simplicity of what builds healthy cells.
Janet Golownia 
Certified C-IAYT Yoga Therapist
CIHC Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Once you learn about your body and feed it what it needs, you will find ...
  • your cells function well again by taking in nutrients, removing wastes, communicating with other cells and creating energy.
  • your digestion improves, you have more energy, you sleep better, you're building muscle and feeling stronger, you are calmer, your hair is shiny, your nails are thicker and your skin looks radiant.
  • you no longer have cravings because your blood sugar is stable and you are not hungry between meals.


Yoga is known for improving strength, flexibility, balance and posture. It is this mindful movement and deep breathing that has been shown to improve the functioning of your cells and all of the body systems. What sets yoga apart from other forms of exercise and movement is that it trains the nervous system to deal more efficiently and effectively with stress. Read more here...
While all of this sounds simple its the putting it into practice and building new habits that is complicated.  
This is where I can help. I know what works based upon the science of nutrition and yoga. But I also know that everyone is unique and needs help learning how to listen to their own bodies. This is important because at the end of our work together I want you to feel confident that you are now your own guide.

Why work with me?

I have been in your shoes. I know what it takes to rebuild your body and create new healthy habits. As a yoga therapist and health coach I have helped dozens of clients do the same thing  Exercise alone will not build health.  Nutrition alone will not build health. It is the combination of doing both together -- but specifically using the tools of yoga to speed up the process by building awareness and connection between the mind, the body and the spirit.

What's the next step?

For us to talk in what I call a discovery session. This is where you can ask questions and get to know me. You will receive a short questionnaire via email. This questionnaire will help you discover the current state of your health and where you would like to be. Our discussion will revolve around your responses. The session will last 30 min. and can be in person or via computer using a simple tool called Zoom. It's just like talking on the phone only we can see each other. My goal is for you to leave the session with a clear vision of what being healthy and happy looks and feels like for you.