Yoga Classes...

Missing in-person yoga classes due to COVID-19?

Try online yoga with me using ZOOM.

How does it work?

Click on the zoom links below.


What do I need?

A laptop, smartphone, ipad, or desktop computer. You will also need a yoga mat, yoga props; chair, blocks, straps, blanket, etc.

What is the cost?

$10 per class if attending one class a week

$8 per class if attending two classes

$6.50 per class if attending three or more. 

How do I pay?

You can pay by check to PurBalance Yoga Therapy - my address: 168 W Welshpool Ct., Wales, WI 53183 OR

You can click the links below to pay online ...

1 class per week 

2 classes per week

3 or more classes per week 

Class Schedule and Zoom Links...

Monday 8:00am - gentle yoga using chair  click here to join 

Tuesday 9:00am - any level - use props and modify for your needs  click here to join

Wednesday 8:00am - gentle yoga using chair  click here to join

Thursday 9:00am - any level - use props to modify for your needs  click here to join 


Thursday 6:30pm - in studio wall yoga class limit 4 students / optional zoom class if bad weather at 6:00pm click here to join

Friday 8:30am - Strengthen and Stabilize (yoga + core work)  click here to join  

Try a sample class ...

Please read before watching and practicing:  Listen to your body and only do what you are capable of doing. As with any exercise program make sure you get a doctors approval before beginning. And most importantly don't judge yourself instead be curious and notice how well your body can move. I hope you join us for a live zoom class.

What people are saying...

“Janet taught me to modify movements that aggravate my spinal condition. Life without Janet's yoga would be miserable.” 

—  Lucy M.

(manages severe degenerative disc disease, stenosis and scoliosis)