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Jenni Zielke, Career Transitions Life Coach

"If you are a person with pain, I highly recommend one on one sessions with Janet.  You will come away not only with pain relief, but priceless tools to use every day to reduce your pain.  Janet is amazing in her field -- she is soft spoken, articulate, and a knowledgeable expert in body mechanics, movement and nutrition."


Linda Myers, Retired Special Needs Teacher

"In my work with Janet I have become more aware of my body and listening to what it is trying to tell me.  This increase awareness has helped me be more present in my life.  In addition to greater body awareness I have increased strength, stamina and balance."

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Rev. Eva Overholt, O.M.C.

"I have been working with Janet for several months now and feel fabulous.  I have increased flexibility and greater strength along with weight reduction.  I continue to experience changes as I work with Janet."


I have never met anyone so knowledgeable in nutrition, how the body works, and yoga. I've been seeing her for over 3 years now and I can't imagine what a hot mess my body and mind would be in if it wasn't for her. This past decade I was diagnosed with MS, and lost my father, mother, brother, 2 dear friends and my husband. Her ability to teach you strength and nutritional techniques to keep you moving forward, both mentally and physically, goes above and beyond the call of duty. Her comforting and calm demeanor and her ability to know what you need in that moment without having to ask questions is surreal. She is a genuine, empathetic, and patient person and I'm so grateful that I signed up for an introductory class 3 years ago!!



I was introduced to Janet quite by accident when a friend invited me to attend her foot workshop. I had no idea at the time that the chance meeting would guide me to a path of physical, mental and emotional awareness and strength.

From Janet's mindful yoga and strengthen/stabilize classes, I've gained a deeper understanding of not only the meaning of "good movement", but more importantly, of what good movement feels like for MY body. I've become more adept at arriving at traditional yoga poses through careful movement supported by breathing. I'm not trying to keep up with anyone, nor am I attempting to pretzel myself into what I think a pose should look like. Sounds simple enough, but grasping the concept and putting it into practice is not at all simple. Janet provides the tools, specific to each individual, that encourage those "light-bulb" moments. 

She fosters the desire to take the thoughts and reminders presented during class and put them into practice every day. When I bend down to pick up something on the floor, am I supporting my spine? Are my abs engaged? Is the motion I'm about to undertake good movement? If not, what can I do better? Such are the autoplay questions that populate my gray matter.

Of the plethora of tools in Janet's toolbox, one I must mention is nutritional counseling. I thought I was pretty savvy in this arena, but decided to engage her officially, just for the "heck" of it. Bottom line: I'm not all that smart at all. Her valuable advice and resources have prompted very beneficial lifestyle modifications - all very doable because of the reasoned and well-paced program she created for me.

As I write this, I'm stronger, happier and healthier. My body and I are most grateful, Janet!



Larry Zielke, Retired Truck Driver

Working with Janet, my joint and muscle pain is now reduced by 50%.  I have learned that I have a lot to work on, but with Janet’s clear, detailed instructions, I stretch every morning and every night.

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Karen Beres, Retired Nurse

I have had multiple orthopedic surgeries and have difficulty with balance, walking and flexion. I have been doing yoga with Janet for 3 years now and what a difference it has made. Janet has so much knowledge to offer and modifies yoga to fit your needs. Through her teachings, I have become more in tune with my body and have greatly improved in balance, flexion and even walking. Janet has helped me change my life, my body and how I feel about myself in a very positive way. Janet has an encouraging positive approach to yoga.

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Anne Dobratz, Senior Clincal Research Coordinator

I am so thankful that I found Janet. I wanted to start yoga, but I had had 2 surgeries, and I was afraid of re-injuring myself. I started taking lessons privately and now I am able to be part of a class. Yoga has done wonders for me in many respects. Janet is a wealth of knowledge; she has also had her own challenges so she is able to relate to the physical issues that we endure as well. I strongly recommend PurBalance Yoga to anyone who would like to quiet their mind while strengthening their body. You will not be disappointed