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"I have been working with Janet for several months now and feel fabulous.  I have increased flexibility and greater strength along with weight reduction.  I continue to experience changes as I work with Janet."

Rev. Eva Overholdt O.M.C.

Owner Quantum Leap Ministry

"In my work with Janet I have become more aware of my body and listening to what it is trying to tell me.  This increase awareness has helped me be more present in my life.  In addition to greater body awareness I have increased strength, stamina and balance."

Linda Myers

Retired Special Needs Teacher

"I was diagnosed with MS in July 2000.  Since starting yoga therapy with Janet my posture, foot alignment, strength in my legs, and balance have improved.  I also notice my toes are uncurling.  This is only the beginning!"

Natalie Geiger

Nature and Pet Lover

"If you are a person with pain, I highly recommend one on one sessions with Janet.  You will come away not only with pain relief, but priceless tools to use every day to reduce your pain.  Janet is amazing in her field -- she is soft spoken, articulate, and a knowledgeable expert in body mechanics, movement and nutrition."

Jenni Zielke

Certified Career Transitions Life Coach

"After working with Janet I have normal blood sugar levels, improved cholesterol levels and I've lost 25 pounds.  I have energy and excitement for life again."

Anita Ornelas

Human Resources Specialist

Anne Dobratz

Senior Clinical

Research Coordinator

I cannot thank Janet Golownia from PurBalance Yoga Therapy enough for getting my life back on track.  I had had two surgeries in two years (hip and shoulder), but I had lasting issues from both.  I had pain and stiffness that left me with limited range of motion; I had stopped doing a lot of my favorite activities like walking around the lake and doing the elliptical the two things that I actually liked doing the most. The lack of exercise caused me to lose strength, muscle tone, caused weight gain and lead to a decreased self-esteem. When I heard about Janet teaching yoga with modifications so that people at any level could do it, I was in!


It had been 30 years since I had a yoga class in college, but I had always liked it and thought I should try it again.  I started working with Janet one and one and gradually worked up to joining a yoga class twice per week on a good week. It has been extremely healing on so many levels.  I have learned that everyone has a story, we are all fighting different issues, but there is hope to rebuild your life. I have met really extraordinary people who cheer me on to learn and grow and are genuinely happy about my progress and although they have gone through hardships themselves they radiate joy and peace. I have gotten physically stronger, I have less pain and stiffness, I am more coordinated, I have increased range of motion, I am able to walk several miles again without being in pain for days afterward, and I am more in tune with my body. I also have changed my nutritional habits with the help of Shaklee vitamins; I am currently doing the Prove it Challenge.  This is challenging, but I am confident that I can succeed. 


Janet is a very knowledgeable and empathetic instructor who has been through challenges of her own and knows what we are going through.  I would definitely recommend PurBalance Yoga for anyone who wants to heal the mind, body and soul.  You won't regret it. 

"Working with Janet helped me examine my relationship with food and myself.  I learned about the importance of eating whole foods and gradually introduced them into my diet.  I have been able to lose weight without a struggle and I no longer have food cravings.  I have more energy and I feel more confident."

Sue Albert

Retired Legal Secretary

"I just retired from bouncing around in a semi for 34 years.  I am healthy but beat up and in pain.  After working with Janet to develop a specific program that I practice daily --my joint and muscle pain has been reduced by 50%.  I am also more aware of my foot position, posture and how I walk.  All of this has helped improve my balance."

Larry Zielke

Retired Truck Driver