• Janet Golownia

What kind of yoga mat should I buy?

Think of your yoga mat as an investment. Just like other things you buy – price should not be the only deciding factor.

Things to consider when shopping for a yoga mat…

  • What type of yoga do you practice?

  • How often do you practice?

  • Where do you practice?

  • Is an eco-friendly mat made with non-toxic materials important to you?

  • What can you afford to invest in mat?

I have used a Jade yoga mat, but I wore it out in a year. I now use a Manduka Pro mat. I’ve had it for five years and it still looks brand new. I bought it because of it’s lifetime guarantee.

Here is something else to think about when choosing a yoga mat. Cheap mats have a short life span and they are NOT biodegradable. You also sacrifice gripping action and cushioning for price. Trust me its worth investing in a mat that will last and give you years of enjoyment.

There are more options now than ever for yoga mats, especially ones that are eco-friendly. Here is a link to the consumers advocate organization’s review of yoga mats based on functionality, eco-friendliness, value and design.

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