• Janet Golownia

Is your yoga too small?

Yoga is so much more than doing asana on a mat.

Living with awareness is practicing yoga. Noticing things as they happen and not using the past to judge or compare. Noticing feelings as they arise.

When you notice and stay with a thought or feeling you are brought into the present moment. You hit the pause button. Enough of a pause to get in touch with your higher self and possibly notice ... "Oh, I'm not angry, I'm hurt".

If we can connect with our higher self--our humanity, our spirituality in the moment then at that same moment we are also connecting with the humanity and higher self in others.

Our thoughts, our words, our actions leave an energy residue in the world. It is remembering to pause--connect with our higher selves that is our yoga in action.

As we continue to practice yoga each day this connection to our higher self becomes more and more automatic.

As we bring our yoga into action we can look with compassion for ourselves and then for others.

"Yoga is a cycle of action, reflection, action, reflection." ~~Judith Hanson Lasater

I encourage you to view your yoga mat as a place of refuge and enjoyment rather than just a place to change and shape your body.

There is a story in the Vedas that may be a good example of this ...

There was a village experiencing a drought. A man came running to the village and said, "There's a man with a wagon full of water and he's bringing it to the village. Go get a container quickly." Some people got a cup and some people got a bucket and some got a barrel.

Do you come to the practice of yoga with a cup or do you come with a barrel?

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